Nothing makes you feel more relaxed or allows you to wipe away the stress of life than a visit to Rimage' Salon and Spa .  All of our hair color, treatments and styling products are based in certified organic pharmaceutical grade aloe vera.


Based in certified organic pharmaceutical grade Aloe Vera gel (not water), and respecting the integrity of the skin and hair, they are by far, the most important thing to add to your daily routine.  I am so positive that you will agree and will want to share it with your friends and family. That is my commitment to the guests at Rimage' Salon & Spa.

The Rimage' philosophy has always been to bring the latest technologies  to our guests. Our continuing education programs ensure  that we are on trend with the latest fashion and style styles and ready to move on great new look.  After being the first salon in New Haven to lead in the thinning hair and hair color categories, our research has led to a new discovery.
Solid shapes hold up to these years stronger fashion silhouette.  Clean up longer layers and create strong lines to add dimension to your haircut.  How about a Sorority "girls night out" at the Spa?  Gather the girls and book a night of indulgence with a fresh cut and a mani/pedi.  Call for special rates.  Guys, grab your fraternity brothers and head to the barber shop for "beards and brews".  Get a hot towel shave and a haircut.  A great way to hang out and leave looking great for a Friday night on the town.

I began this business the day I realized that my guests were the most important part of my career.  It was my hope to offer uncompromised service along with the best products that I could find so each person I touched would benefit from that promise that I made to myself.  Over the past 30 years, that goal continues to be my number one priority.  I love beautiful, healthy, and shining hair, but above that, I pride myself and my team on the value of service each guest receives when they arrive at our Salon and for the smiles they share as they leave to face the day.  It is important to me that every person who makes the decision to trust us with their grooming and wellness needs is not only happy with the results, but know that they are not a statistic, but an important part of the Rimage' family.  I will see to it that your every need is cared for and for that I am rewarded your future business.  I look forward to seeing you soon or meeting you for the first time.  Find out why our hair color is unsurpassed.  Discover the benefits of our home care recommendations.  All products and services are 100%  guaranteed.


We are excited to announce the return of Valentina to our aesthetics department.

A certified Ayurvedic skin care specialist with a background in classical aesthetics, sh works with the subtle body.  She  pays attention to your care in the now, creating the right treatment for today and keeps on working.

Ayurveda, maema, energy work, reflexology, essential oils and flower essences help the body to heal.  Valentinas experience, wisdom and knowledge of the inner and outer body extend this healing.  Her facials are more than skind deep, a space for reflection, restoration and rejuvenation.  Passionate and entertaining, Valentina helps you feel  you have choice, vitality and confidence.  Relax and reconnect to the Real You.