European manicure

30 minutes. Your hands tell your story. Our European manicure addresses the hands, cuticles, nails and color. Introducing Shellac, the latest technology keeps your nail color on for up to 3 weeks without a chip, and it's dry instantly. No more nicks, smudges or smears. Try it today!

Luxurious Moisturizing Pedicure

60 minutes. A service we created with my Mom in mind. Soak in a warm whirlpool bath of cleansing and soothing refreshment. You are then pampered with a warm lotion massage, exfoliation, trimming of the nails and moisturise cuticles and an application of nail color to walk on the WILD SIDE, or a sultry French pedicure for beautiful summertime beach look.

Paraffin Manicure/Pedicure

Add the warming and hydrating benefit of a  paraffin treatment, to drive the hydrating benefits of Creme Vitamine, a rich anti-aging hand treatment into the skin. Loaded with nutritive properties to nourish the skin and a gentle lightening effect on pigmentation or "age spots". This treatment is a must in the cold winter months.

Shellac Manicure/Pedicure

Love your nails minutes after your polish is applied. Shellac offers you weeks of beautiful nails without chipping or smudging. Do dishes, garden or any of your many hobbies and your hands will always look salon fresh.

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