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Eufora International

Whether your hair concers are thinning, curly, frizzy or too flat, we have the correct solution to meet those needs. All Eufora products are based in cerrified organic, pharmaceutical grade aloe vera gel, not water. Aloe has been known as the medicine plant for centuries. Discover why the healing of your hair begins with the attention you play to your scalp. At Rimage' we offer a promise for each care plan, based on your personal hair and scalp needs. Find out which one is right for you. You will see the difference by the end of the first bottle, guaranteed, or your money back.

Rimagé Salon & Spa, utilizing the exclusive methods of the industries leading product innovators brings you the latest technologies availabe, not only from here in the USA, but Paris, France, and Baden Baden, Germany. Whether its hair color, skin care or trichology treatments, you can expect the most current technology available from our company.  Eufora Hair care is based in certified, organic pharmaceutical grade aloe vera for healthy hair and scalp.


Ecru~New York

Maximize your results while minimizing your application time. Anti-aging treatment make-up and professional application techniques will help you put your best face forward with minimal effort. It is an easy and affordable way to look your very best every day!

Skin Care~Laboratoire Biosthetiqe Paris

Based on bio-mimedic (ingredients that mimic our own cells) prevent, repair and anti-aging.  Get results, not just a pretty  package.

Solavedi~ natural based Ayurvedic skin care, made right here in Connecticut.  essential plant and flower based aromatherapy.